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Forest the Great

Welcome back!

Week 2 we did  fire lighting this week. It was dangerous but we were careful. We tried to put the fire on a stick( not a wet stick)sadly we almost got burnt... It was very scary and very hot. It was very exiting. heartsurprise

See you next time!

Football tactics

Hi again,

Tip 1 :when taking a  corner cross it in

Tip 2: Never hog the ball ,always pass through players

Tip 3:Train the goal keeper

Team of the week: Juventus

be back soonyeslaughmail


marvellous music

      Trumpets make  notes and that is what makes it fun and I want to learn more notes.smileyheart

Marvellous music

In   Year 3 we do violin, trumpet and trombones.We also have private lessons in the music room in guitar and piano.


Pokemon are cards you can collect.They are some made up animals.You can get packs and magazines ,tins,starter packs...  

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