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welcome back!wink

The sun Pokemon is Solgalleyo & the moon Pokemon is Lunala.wink

If you buy 3 Pokemon cards it will be £1 and if you buy 1 pack you have to pay £14 pounds.surprisesmiley


I love piano  on  the notes .heart

french club 2

welcome backlaugh

so we now are saying hello and how are you in french lets do it together 

I say it first and then you do it

bonjor ca va

and counting in french number to 1 to 11

first in English

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

now in french

un de tra cact cank six sep weat nerf dix ?

do you know what is the missing number

rule 1. say it in french

rule 2. don,t type with to many words 

rule 3. write it neat and not like this helo or other words

rule 4. don,t be a bully here

that's all see you laterwink


We have groups that we swim in depending on our ability. We have only got a few weeks left but we are learning more and more each week. 

It is the most fun we have had in school.yesheart


Cool Computing:Our stories

Welcome back again!devil

This week we are talking about our stories.

we did alternatives to Little Red Riding-Hood.

This is part of one of the stories:

There once was a wolf which lived in a modern house in Trumpington...

Back next week!(Tuesday)laugh


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